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Quality Control

Our team of professionals is setting standards of excellence for inspectors everywhere by developing and delivering new products, customer service models, and more extensive education programs designed to help home buyers and sellers have a better real estate experience.

We are proud of being one of the sourcing consultants for product inspection, sourcing and supply chain management services in the world since 1999.
From supplier seeking through supply chain management, to final random inspection, KST offers a competitive solutions by implementing quality management procedures and processes of the highest standard to maximize your profits and give you a smooth and pleasant purchase experience in China.
We have earned the confidence of our clients who include some of the world's leading trade companies, manufacturers, retailers and distributors. We are committed to helping you throughout your supply chain, to minimizing your business risks and to optimizing your strategy in China.
Our excellent performance is supported by our experience,our attitude and our expertise.What is more important,we will completely represent the right of the buyer, and consider what the buyer may think about.KST employs a team of highly skilled and motivated individuals in order to satisfy the requirement of our clients fast and professionally.
We also understand that a rapid response is essential in today's business environment. Our determination to provide the best service in this industry is eternal.
Our solution includes:
> Inspection
> Factory Audit
> Sourcing
> Project Management
> Supply Chain Management
> Risk Management
> Technical Consulting

The various material will be offered according to the client ¡s requirement.Spectrum tester can offer the chemical composition;the hardness tester can test the parts¡¯ rigidity.The other inspection equipments:tensile strength tester;impect tester; metallurgical analysis tester;CMM etc.

Please visit our website for more informations of our various solutions. Any interesting in our services, please do not hesitate to contact with us.
Look forward to our cooperation!

Brinell Hardness   Rockwell Hardness Tester Spectrum Analysis Tester
Impact Machine metallographic analysis instrument-1 Tensile Strength tester


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